Keystone Heart is focused on protecting the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during TAVR, atrial fibrillation ablation and other structural heart procedures.

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Want to learn more about Keystone Heart and our future plans of protecting the health of all those in need of surgery for heart conditions?

TriGuard™ CE Mark Approved and Commercially available in European Union

Keystone Heart’s TriGuard™ is the only cerebral protection device designed to provide full coverage to all brain territories and to minimize the risk of cerebral damage during TAVR.


Protect Your Brain While Treating the Heart

TriGuard CE Mark Approved and Commercially available in European Union.


Keystone Heart aspires to be the world leader in cerebral embolic protection (CEP) during cardiovascular procedures.


To develop and manufacture novel devices that protect the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), atrial fibrillation ablation (AF ablation) and other structural heart procedures.

Preserving brain reserve during medical procedures is a key component to procedural success and patient care.

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The TriGUARD 3 Cerebral Embolic Protection Device

  • Self-positioning, self-stabilizing
  • Polymeric mesh (pore size 115 x 145 µm)
  • 8 Fr OTW delivery
  • Designed to protect all three major arteries that supply blood to the brain
  • Eliminates need for third access site during TAVI
  • Removed upon completion of procedure

The TriGUARD 3™ Cerebral Protection Device is not commercially available. An investigational device for investigational use only.

Clinical Trials moving TriGuard™ forward

DEFLECT I clinical data presented at PCR 2013 demonstrated a significant reduction of over 60% of new brain lesion volume during protected TAVR procedures using TriGuard™, compared with historical data on unprotected TAVR procedures.

DEFLECT II This study aims to evaluate the safety and performance of the new embolic deflection device TriGuard™HDH in patients undergoing TAVR.

DEFLECT III a multi-center, randomized clinical trial, conducted in 13 centers across Europe and Israel, is closed. Results have been published.

NUERO-TAVI ACC and EuroPCR Benefits of TriGuard™ Cerebral Protection Device During TAVR.

REFLECT a multi-center, randomized clinical trial of the TriGUARD™3 HDH Embolic Deflection Device to reduce the impact of cerebral embolic lesions after TAVR. To learn more, visit:, study identifier: NCT02536196.



Follow the progress of the TriGUARD 3™ Device in clinical trials, studies, and other developments.