Covering All Aortic Arch Takeoffs
TriGuard Cerebral Protection Device

Covering All Aortic Arch Takeoffs

Keystone Heart's TriGuard™ is the only cerebral protection device designed to provide full coverage to all brain territories, to minimize the risk of cerebral damage during TAVR and other cardiovascular procedures. The CE marked TriGuard™ device is shaped to accommodate anatomic variations of the aortic arch.  
Formed to withstand potential interface with the TAVR delivery system and other procedure related accessories, it uses a Nitinol® frame and mesh — flexible and atraumatic, yet robust and sturdy.

The TriGuard Cerebral Protection Device is placed via one of two femoral artery access ports typically used in TAVR, thereby eliminating the need for a third puncture site. It deploys rapidly and self-positions through a small 9F catheter, and it provides stable, atraumatic protection, with simple retrieval.
TriGuard Cerebral protection Device - Covering all aortic arches
Example of TriGuard Device in place covering all aortic arch takeoffs.

The TriGuard Cerebral Protection Device is :

  • Nitinol® mesh designed to deflect embolic debris
  • Nitinol® flexible wire Frame.
  • 9 French compatible retrievable device
  • Protects entire cerebro-vascular system
  • Eliminates need for third access site during TAVI
  • Rapidly deploys and self-positions

TAVR Procedure Animation with TriGuard™ Cerebral Protection Device

The TriGuard Cerebral Protection Device is not yet commercially available in the USA.

The TriGuard Cerebral Protection Device is not commercially available in the USA or Germany.