Keystone Heart is focused on protecting the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during TAVR, atrial fibrillation ablation and other structural heart procedures.

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TriGUARD™ 3 Device

CAUTION – The TriGUARD 3™ Cerebral Protection Device is not commercially available. An investigational device for investigational use only. 

Practical Considerations and Design Requirements for Clinically Relevant CEP: The Keystone TriGUARD3 Device

Tamim Nazif, MD

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Building the Evidence for CEP in TAVR: A Critical Review of the Clinical Trial Data

Jeffrey W. Moses, MD

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ProtectionThe Search for Meaningful Measures of ClincialEfficacy: NeuroARCand Beyond

Alexandra Lansky, MD

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A critical review of the neurological effects of invasive cardiac procedures

Pieter Stella, MD, PhD

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The Evidence and Clinical Need Justifies the Widespread Use of Embolic Protection During TAVR

Samir Kapadia, MD

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TriGUARD3 Procedure Animation

TCT 2017 Keystone Heart Symposium

TriGuard™ Device

Brain Emboli: Clinical Consequences and Brain Injury

Dr. Kevin Abrams, MD


NeuroProtection with the TriGuard™ Embolic DEFLECTion Device

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, MD


Mitigating Stroke Risk in TAVR: Important Considerations as TAVR Moves to Lower-Risk Patients

Dr. Benjamin Z. Galper, MD, MPH


The Spectrum of Neurologic Events after TAVR: Insights from NueroARC

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, MD


TriGuard™ Device for Cerebral Embolic Protection During TAVR: A Multicenter Real World Experience

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, MD


Cerebrovascular Complications after Valve Intervention: Incidence and New Standardized Definitions on behalf of NeuroARC

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, MD


Keystone Heart Reflect Neurology

Dr. Daryl Gress


Keystone Heart, LTD. featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Embolic Protection Webcast – TCT 2016

Breaking News: Cerebral Embolic Protection Device

TriGuard™: The ONLY Cerebral Protection Device to Cover All Aortic Arch Takeoffs (A Procedure Animation)

Professor Stella, UMC Utrecht, NL

A Message from Dr. Raj Makkar, the Co-PI of the REFLECT Study

Dr. Raj Makkar

What You Need to Know About Cerebral Embolic Protection (CEP): The Need for CEP

Dr. Martin B. Leon, MD

Update on Clinical Evidence to Support Cerebral Embolic Protection (CEP) During TAVR

Dr. Jeffrey W. Moses, MD

Economic Impact of Cerebral Embolic Protection: Important Considerations as TAVR Moves to Lower-Risk Patients

Dr. Hemal Gada, MD, MBA

Meaningful End-Points of CEP Clinical Trials to Support Adoptions – Major Stroke, Minor Stroke, Imaging?

Dr. Rahul Sharma, MD

Diagnostic Considerations and NeuroARC

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, MD

TVT 2017 Keystone Heart Presentations

Drs. Leon, Moses, Gada, Sharma, Lansky

TVT 2017 Live Case at Columbia University Medical Center, New York