Keystone Heart is focused on protecting the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during TAVR, atrial fibrillation ablation and other structural heart procedures.

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CRT 2017

February 18-21, 2017



CRT 2017 is one of world’s leading interventional cardiology conferences and is being held in Washington, DC from February 18–21, 2017 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. Stemming from a long history of success, this year’s CRT conference is destined to be the most cutting-edge and comprehensive interventional cardiology and structural heart interventional meeting ever.


Sharing ideas, collaborating on interventional cardiology solutions, receiving interventional cardiology training and networking with other professionals is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s happening at CRT 2017. The fact that this conference will provide focused educational and training sessions that discuss new trial data, explore evidence-based research, and demonstrate the most up-to-date techniques that can be directly applied to clinical and academic practices is always an exciting proposition for those who attend.


While remaining a boutique feel as an endovascular and interventional cardiology meeting, this interventional cardiology training event consists of four extremely impactful days of keynotes, presentations, workshops, a symposia, poster session, and discussions with thought leaders in interventional cardiology and structural cardiology. Special roundtable discussions about women and heart disease and women in interventional cardiology will also be featured at CRT 2017 along with much, much more.


Associates of Keystone Heart Ltd. are extremely excited to be attending this highly anticipated and elite event and further look forward to continuing their aspirations to be the world leader in cerebral embolic protection for cardiovascular procedures.



Presentations to Take Note of at CRT


Monday, February 20th

TAVR & PMVR: State of the Fields and discussion on TriGuard™ Case

Moderators: Maurice Buchbinder, MD, FSCAI, Michael J. Reardon, MD, and Samir R. Kapadia, MD, FSCAI


Cerebral Embolic Protection Devices

Moderators: Eberhard Grube, MD, FSCAI, Axel Linke, MD, Samir R. Kapadia, MD, FSCAI


Protection Devices for Stroke Prevention: Does the Data Support Routine Use?

Presenter: Eberhard Grube, MD, FSCAI


Update on SENTINEL Trial Technology and Clinical Outcome

Presenter: Samir R. Kapadia, MD, FSCAI


Technology Overview and Perspectives From the DEFLECT III Randomized Trial

Presenter: Alexandra J. Lansky, MD, FSCAI


Magnitude of Stroke Post-TAVR: Do We Need Cerebral Embolic Protection Devices?

Presenter: Michael J. Mack, MD


What Are the Options for Intervention of a Patient Who Has a Stroke After TAVR?

Presenter: Leo Nelson Hopkins, MD


Panel Discussion: Who Should Be a Candidate for Cerebral Embolic Protection Devices?

Moderators: Samir R. Kapadia, MD, FSCAI, Axel Linke, MD, Alexandra J. Lansky, MD, FSCAI

Panel: Michael Dwyer, PhD, Eberhard Grube, MD, FSCAI, Michael J. Mack, MD Rajendra Makkar, MD, FSCAI, Bruce J. Rutkin, MD


Tuesday, February 21st

The Keystone Deflector Device: Design Features and Clinical Trial Program



About Keystone Heart

Keystone Heart Ltd. is a medical device company developing and manufacturing cerebral protection devices. The company is focused on protecting the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during TAVR, surgical valve replacement, atrial fibrillation ablation and other cardiovascular procedures.


Headquartered in Israel with US operations in Tampa, FL, Keystone Heart is dedicated to advancing patient care through innovative technology and clinical research. The Company’s management has extensive experience in the fields of interventional cardiology and medical devices.




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