Keystone Heart is focused on protecting the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during TAVR, atrial fibrillation ablation and other structural heart procedures.

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Interventional Cardiology 2017

March 5-10, 2017


Staying up to date with the latest in neurological protection isn’t just a requirement, it’s a passion of ours. And what better way to study such advancements in the field than attending the Promedica’s 32nd Annual International Symposium at Interventional Cardiology 2017. This 6-day event, held in Snowmass Village, CO, will focus on presenting that which is new and different in coronary and endovascular intervention while placing the avant-garde in perspective.


We are eager to hear what Doctors Wade Smith, Christopher Hess, Daryl Gress, Samir Kapadia, and Jeffrey W. Moses have to say at the Mini Symposium on Neuroprotection at the kickoff morning session on Sunday, March 5th. They will be discussing What a Stroke really is, Post TAVR Abnormalities by DWI MR and What They Mean, How the Problem is Bigger Than We Think, whether Neuroprotection Prevents Cerebral Embolization, along with How and When they will Use Neuroprotection in TAVR Procedures.


Equally exciting will be “The Gut Wrenching Experience of Entrepreneurship” being presented by Keystone’s very own Chris Richardson along with Scott Huennekens from Verb Surgical and Vince Burgess from Orbimed. This panel discussion will on the main stage at the morning session on Monday, March 6th. Mr. Richardson will also be participating in the afternoon session’s panel discussion as well, all of which are sure to be eye-opening.


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