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Are We Under-Reporting Stroke Rates In TAVR Studies?

In honor of National Stroke Awareness Month, it’s important to state the facts in an effort to shed light on the effects of a stroke. In studies where neurologist defined clinical deficits and brain MRI post TAVR, stroke rate ranged from 15-27%.

It’s important to keep in mind the consequences of a stroke:


TAVR patients suffering a VARC-2 disabling stroke have significantly higher mortality rates compared to patients without stroke. 1-year mortality of 67% vs. 12% and 2-year mortality of 83%vs. 20%.(1)

Physical Functioning

40% of overt ischemic strokes lead to moderate to severe permanent disability and even 55%-75% of “fully recovered” patients will have residual dysfunction in at least one limb.(2-3)

Effect of Stroke in Working Population

Only 44% of overt stroke patients are able to return to work, 33% reported significant financial strains, and 79% reported a decrease in social activities.(4)


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