Keystone Heart is focused on protecting the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during TAVR.
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What is Cerebral Reserve and Why Does It Matter?

What Is It?

Cerebral reserve is the brain’s ability in the face of an insult (e.g clinically overt stroke, trauma) or multiple insults (new clinically silent lesions) over time and refers to the amount of brain damage the brain can sustain before overt clinical symptoms manifest (Staff, Neuroimaging Clinics of North America 2012).

Why Does It Matter?

Any periprocedural stroke in all patient populations will add to the ischemic burden of the brain now and in the future thus decreasing the cerebral reserve (K Abrams 2013).

Infarcts are associated with brain volume reduction and importantly with detectable lower (Blum et al, Neurology, Nov 2012).

Cognitive decline relates directly to loss of brain substance with progression of lesion burden (Schmidt et all, Annals of Neurology 2005).

Therefore,brain infarcts will ultimately affect cognition.

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